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Data that can be measured and analysed using the LifeGait System
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Energy Expenditure

In addition to its ability to record and analyze gait data, the IDEEA® LifeGaitTM System can identify more than 40 specific physical activities and estimate the expended energy with a clinically validated accuracy of over 96%. There is, simply, no other instrument in the world with similar abilities.

Energy expenditure measurement is very important for a number of researches. The LifeGaitTM System can measure energy expenditure continuously on a second-by-second basis in free-living conditions, for up to seven days.

Designed for quantifying physical activity and body motion analysis, the LifeGaitTM System can compute the power, mechanical work and distributions of power output for different activity types (ADL). You can select different measurement units such as watt or Kcal/minute, KJ or calories as you wish.

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