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Data that can be measured and analysed using the LifeGait System
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Physical activity (activities of daily living - ADL) and functional movement analysis can be categorized into four main groups: Limb movement, postures, transitions and gait analysis. The IDEEA® LifeGaitTM System -- also a wearable activity monitor can detect the following movements and activities from each of the four groups:

Limb Movement

  • Sit (left/right/both feet moving)
  • Stand (left/right moving)


  • Lie (face up, face down, on left shoulder, on right shoulder)
  • Recline (feet on ground, left leg over right, right leg over left)
  • Sit (upright, left leg over right, right leg over left, left/right/both feet under seat, feet elevated, elbows on legs)
  • Stand (upright, pick up object, left/right foot up)
  • Lean (left/right shoulder against wall, elbows on a counter)


  • Lying to sitting, sitting to standing, lying to standing, standing to sitting etc.


  • Walk
  • Run
  • Ascending stairs
  • Descending stairs
  • Jump

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