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Data that can be measured and analysed using the LifeGait System
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Ease of Use

The IDEEA® LifeGaitTM System -- a wearable gait analysis system utilizes extremely powerful artificial intelligence algorithms, in reference to an ever increasing database, to automatically identify and calculate the quantitative parameters listed below.

Measured Parameters

The mean and standard deviation of the parameters listed below are calculated for right foot, left foot and both feet. They are also cross-referenced to a database of normative values. (Additional measurements are routinely being added.)

  • Single Limb Support (ms/%)
  • Double Limb Support (ms/%)
  • Initial Double Limb Support (ms/%)
  • Terminal Double Limb Support (ms/%)
  • Swing Duration (ms/%)
  • Step Duration (ms)
  • Cycle Duration (sec)
  • Pulling Acceleration (G)
  • Swing Power (G)
  • Ground Impact (G)
  • Foot Fall (G)
  • Pre-swing Angle (degree)
  • Velocity (mph, kmh, m/s)
  • Cadence (steps/min)
  • Step Length (feet, meters)
  • Stride Length (feet, meters)
  • 8 gait phases (ms/%)


  • EMG 
  • ECG/HR
  • limb rotation velocity (degree/s)
  • foot pressure (lb)
  • Joint Angle (degree)

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