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Potential Applications and Uses for the LifeGait Device

The wearable gait analysis device -- IDEEA LifeGait -- packs multiple functions in one: physical activity monitor, gait analysis device, and energy expenditure monitor. IDEEA LifeGait has been used successfully in a number of clinical settings for its high accuracy and low cost:

  • As a portable gait lab to evaluate quality of implants of hip, knee and ankle in doctor's office.
  • As an accurate physical activity monitor to automatically detect and classify activities of daily living (ADL), postures, and quality of life. Its portable gait analysis function is especially suitable for stroke recovery or neuromuscular dysfunctions.
  • The IDEEA physical activity monitor is an ideal device for assistive living of elderly, such as for balance assessment and fall risk detection in their natural living environment.
  • Capable of measuring energy expenditure and ECG/heart rate, the IDEEA portable activity (ADL) monitor is a perfect tool for monitoring chronic disease such as obesity, diabetes, COPD, and Parkinson's disease.

A new standard for evaluating physical therapy and orthotic/prosthetic devices:

  • As a gold standard for quantifying activities of daily living (ADL) on daily basis and for gait analysis in free living, IDEEA LifeGait not only determines the quality of gait, functions, and physical activity of daily life, but also determines the "energy efficiency" of different prosthetic and orthotic devices.

Research and Training tool in multiple fields:

  • IDEEA LifeGait -- the wearable device for gait analysis -- enables assessment of pharmaceutical treatment, including dose-effect and other pharmacodynamics of various drugs on quality of life: function, gait, performance, risk of fall etc.
  • It can also be used for outcome assessment of new surgical procedures, rehabilitation methodologies, or high-quality training of athletes.

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