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The Worlds First "Anytime, Anywhere" Gait Analysis System

Portable Gait Analysis

The value of sophisticated, video-based gait analysis is well established.

However, the cost of establishing a gait analysis clinic is high (often more than $250,000). A gait lab also requires space and dedicated personnel. As a result, routine use of gait analysis in clinics has been very limited.

In addition, the lab environment under observation does not mirror the patient's actual living or mobility requirements. That is, labs analyze a very limited number of steps on level ground

IDEEA® LifeGaitTM System will provide you not only gait analysis, but also activities of daily living(ADL) analysis and energy expenditure measurement in real life.

A Revolutionary New Gait Analysis Device

The need for an easy to use, inexpensive, yet accurate and portable gait analysis system has been too long. However, highly dedicated research in both medicine and technology is a must before this can happen.

After 15 years of dedication, and working side-by-side with physicians and surgeons, MiniSun has made it possible: The IDEEA® LifeGaitTM System -- a portable gait lab--the worlds' first commercially available portable gait analysis system that fits into your palm, yet meets and in many ways exceeds, all of these desired capabilities. 

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