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Breakthrough in measuring physical activity, energy expenditure and functional capacity. 

Locomotion and gait analysis tool-combining expertise in human kinetics and electrical engineering
Small yet powerful -- the IDEEA (Intelligent Device for Energy Expenditure and Physical Activity) provides physical activity assessment, portable gait analysis, energy expenditure estimation, & functional capacity evaluation with highly sophisticated tools and unprecedented accuracy. Its automated process saves you huge amount of work and time, and provides the highest possible accuracy by a portable device.
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Peer-reviewed Publications Validating IDEEA
Gait Analysis by Harvard Univ             Rehab by UCLA          Physical Activity by Columbia Univ 
Energy Expenditure by Columbia Univ                                         Clinical Study by UCSF-Fresno

IDEEA®, the most accurate portable device for physical activity, gait analysis, behavior monitoring, energy expenditure and posture detection, can do things impossible by any other devices: 
  Automatically recognize activity type, posture and gaits of more than 40 types, with 97% accuracy, clinically tested on hundreds of subjects. More info...
  Record performance, functional capacity and body motion, and playback in "movies", anytime (milliseconds to days), anywhere. More info...
  Provide detailed information on type, duration, frequency & intensity of physical activity and energy expenditure estimates. More info...
  Show in-depth analysis of body motion, gait parameters, speed, energy cost of physical activity, ECG/heart rate (optional, custom device with IRB approval)... in raw curves, charts, tables, histograms, and statistics . More info...
  Compute gait parameters , distance, power, work, and energy expenditure of physical activity and exercises, anytime, any anywhere.
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IDEEA dramatically improves these applications:
Obesity and Fitness Rehabilitation ADHD Assessment
Geriatric Study Risk Management Workers Comp
Functional Capacity Evaluation Gait Analysis Sleep Analysis
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